Maeghan Suzik is an actor, writer, director and photographer living in New York City. She is now a sophomore attending New York University at Tisch School of the Arts working to receive her BFA in Acting and minor in Creative Writing. She recently graduated from Enloe High School as a recipient of the Sue Scarborough Scholarship through the Enloe Theatre program.

Maeghan grew up knowing she was born to be onstage; the constant dress up, faking english accents and singing in the shower proved her love for theatre to her family and friends at a young age. A passionate member of choir and the drama departments all throughout elementary, middle and high school, Maeghan worked hard in every production and concert both on and off the stage. She took home “Best All Around Production” at the Junior Theatre Festival two years in a row in 2011 and 2012 as well as the Critics Choice Award for her lead role in the one-act competition at the International Thespian Society Festival in 2015. In 2016, Maeghan was president of her high school Drama Club, directing Alice Gerstenberg’s OverTones, and performing as Stephanie in Noble Mason Smith’s Sparks in the Park as well as playing a Page in Raleigh Little Theatre’s Cinderella. Her writing career also bloomed in 2016 when she was a Creative Communications essay and poem winner, published in the Eber & Wein 2016 Poetry Anthology, and a Burning Coal KidsWrite Festival featured Playwright.

Theatre guides Maeghan’s every goal. She believes it provides an opportunity to wield and fuse the powers of connection and entertainment. The person she dreams of becoming is not only well educated in the craft that she loves, but also in the art of relating to others. She wants to give people something to remember, something to feel, something to believe in. It is her job as an actor to not only give life to a story, but to justify every move, line and look within that story to make sure the audience gains something from the performance, whether it is a piece of mind or a simple smile. Acting mimics reality. To portray that reality, the actor must fully embody every part of it. The only way to do this is through experience and simply being around people. Maeghan faces the world with open arms, no judgement and a combination of curiosity and humility.

Maeghan hopes to combine her passion for activism and performance, politics and photographs, poetry and human connection with every step she takes toward the future.